Hygi Cream

Hygi Cream

Odourless hand washing detergent* for hand washing


Physical state: viscous liquid

Color: trasparent

Scent: odorless

PH: 5,5 +/- 0,5

Specific weight: 1 +/- 0,05 g/cm³


Product Description

HYGI CREAM is a sanitizing detergent* with concentrated neutral antibacterial properties suitable for hand washing. Used in health care facilities such as hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, outpatient departments, wards, surgery rooms, nursing homes. Also suitable to sanitize* hands in the agro-food sector, supply chains, supermarkets, in the transport sector (train dispensers) and in industries in general, it provides a particularly powerful and effective detergent action. It contains special protective softening agents that keep the epidermis soft. Dermatologically tested.

*Mechanical removal of germs and bacteria. It’s not a disinfectant.


Dispense with a small amount of HYGI CREAM from the bottle or dispencer. Rub the product on the surface of your hands until completely dry.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Hygi Cream  //  500 ml 6
 Hygi Cream  //  5000 ml 4


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