Alfa Bagno

Alfa Bagno

Multipurpose detergent for sanitary fittings.


Physical state: Liquid

Colour: Light blue

Scent: flower


Specific weight:1,02 +/-0.01 g/cm3


Product Description

Alfa-Bagno is a daily multipurpose cleaner, with sanitizing action, for sanitary fittings and all bathroom washable surfaces. Thanks to a special polymer and when used with its specific foaming sprayer, it avoids product residues, it leaves a protective film resistant to water and dirt and which prevents soap stains and calcareous residues. It removes halos and grease and is suitable also for mirrors, wall tiles, ceramic, glasses and plastic-covered surfaces. Thanks to its light alkaline pH (no chlorine and acid presence in his formula) it is suitable on chromed taps. Leaves a pleasant and persistent flower scent.


Spread ALFA-BAGNO using its foaming sprayer directly on the surface to be cleaned and dry it with cloth or paper. Rinsefree.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Alfa Bagno  ALFA1  750 ml 12


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