Top Clor Gel

Top Clor Gel

Sanitizing gel detergent chlorine-based to clean and hygienize all surfaces.


Physical state: Gel/Liquid

Colour: Dark Green

Odour: Balsamic

pH as is 13,5 +/-0.5

S.W. 1.046 +/-0.024 g/cm ³


Product Description

TOP-CLOR GEL is a sanitizing detergent to clean all washable surfaces. The gel ensures perfect adhesion on the surfaces. The new formula of TOP-CLOR GEL grant the chlorine action which makes it possible to remove completely all the microbial content.


Pour a few drops of TOP-CLOR GEL on a sponge and wipe the surfaces to be cleaned, then rinse with water. TOP-CLOR GEL can be used for daily cleaning of floors: Pour 50-80g of TOP-CLOR GEL in a bucket containing 10l of water.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Top Clor Gel  TCG  750 ml 12


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