Unit-dose products


Unit-dose products

Infyniti is a range of unit-dose products, born to offer to the cleaning market and dealers a new sale strategy.

Its aim is offering the market a unit-dose product line, which, combined with a calculation system, shall bring to a different use of detergents. Infyniti products are suitable for all manual and mechanized washing, for daily cleaning as well as for heavy-duty cleaning of all washable surfaces. This system allows you to always use the right dose for tanks, bottles and buckets.

Reduces chemical hazard for workers

Optimizes the costs for detergents

Reduces product waste and shortages

Reduces storage space and transportation costs

The right dose for the desired application

Reduces dosing time of detergents

Certified ecology


ARCO CHIMICA achieved the eligibility to C.A.M. requirements through an ISO EN 17025: 2005 certified laboratory for some Infyniti products complying with the requirements of the Decree of the Italian Ministry of the Environment of 24/05/2012.

Infyniti products represent the highest ecological concept for concentrated detergents, since they were awarded with the GPP (Green Public Procurement) qualification mark.

kw/h Reduced electricity consumption

Kg Unused bottles and cans

lt Unused H2O

gr Reduced CO2 emissions

Kg Unused cardboard packaging

The environmental improvement refers to a monthly consumption, for one year, of 60 unit-doses size 100ml of multipurpose cleaner.


  • Area of system consultation and calculation
    • Full off line operation
    • Automatic online synchronization.
  • Environmental improvement
    • Automatic calculation of emissions reduction and pollutant consumption, for each worksite or for each cleaning operation.
  • Customization
    • Dealers Catalog (machines, equipment and consumables)

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