Moky Foam

Moky Foam

Neutral shampoo for moquettes and carpets.


Physical state: Liquid

Colour: White milk

Scent: Floral

pH: 8.8 +/-0,6

S.W. (20°C) 1.011+/-0.006 g/cm³


Product Description

Foaming neutral detergent shampoo for deep cleaning of moquettes, carpets and upholstery in general. MOKY FOAM is a product to be used with single-brush fitted with carpet brush or a shampooing machine. Contains resins that delay re-soiling and protect.


The detergent solution can be used with single brush or foaming machine. Treat the surface uniformly, covering it with a fine layer of foam. Leave to dry perfectly. MOKY FOAM leaves a dry crystalline residue on the treated surface that can be easily removed using a vacuum cleaner or upright.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Moky Foam  LIP  5 kg 4


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