Self-dryng degreasing sanitizing detergent ready to use.


Physical state : Liquid

Colour: Pink

Scent: Citrus

pH as is 2.5 + 0,5

S.W. 0,970 Kg/l


Product Description

TRISAN is a sanitizer with a particular polyvalent action on a large number of micro organisms: pathogenic and non pathogenic bacteria, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, moulds, and yeasts. It ensures a sanitizing action also in case of organic dirt and it has a spore-killing power thanks to a specific ingredient. TRISAN combines a sanitizing with a cleaning action against animal and vegetable fats: it removes dirt from worktops, equipment, trolleys, refrigerating rooms and gloves. It is used in food-processing industries, catering, hospitals and public places and it is an excellent product for sanitizing phone receivers, computer keyboards, calculators, school desks and all sort of surfaces.


Spray TRISAN on the surface to be cleaned from a distance of 15-20 cm, remove the dirt with a clean dry cloth or paper. Trisan is rinse free.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Trisan  TRI1  750 ml 12


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