Blu RTU Plus

Blu RTU Plus

Sanitizing anLcohol-based degreaser for HACCP.


Physical state: Liquid

Colour: Orange

Odour: Bouquet

pH as is 9,6 +/-0,5

S.W. 0,977 kg/lt

SKU: BRP750 Category:

Product Description

Odourless, ready-to-use, degreasing disinfectant for cleaning all surfaces High-performance aldehyde-free disinfectant with outstanding microbiocidal performance and broad spectrum activity against bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses Can be used in a wide variety of situations and environments Health care (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, surgeries, pharmacies) Community facilities (e.g. sports facilities, Community facilities (e.g. sports halls, gyms, apartment blocks, industrial facilities, shops, wellness centres, schools), Means of transport for people or goods (e.g. cars, lorries, trains, planes, ships), Food industry (e.g. production workshops, butchers’ and delicatessen shops, confectionery industry, bakeries, meat, fish and vegetable processing industries) Small and large-scale catering (bars, hotels, canteens, delicatessens, ice cream parlours, sales counters) Ideal for plans H.A.C.C.P. and for the disinfection of sockets and ventilation grilles of air conditioners.


Spray the product directly onto the surface or onto a damp cloth.
It is advisable to test the product on a limited area before working on the entire surface.


Food, Horeca and Institutional Area / PT 2 and PT 4
Tested according to European standards (EN)

  • Claim: Bactericide, Levicide and Fungicide EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 13697
    Contact time with surfaces: 15 minutes
  • Claim: Virucidal EN 14476
    Contact time with previously cleaned and rinsed surfaces: 30 minutes.
Product Code Format Quantity
Blu RTU Plus BRP750  750 ml 12

Dilution: ready to use

N°20826 of the Ministry of Health

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