Top Clor

Top Clor

Effervescent tablets suitabe for sanitizing, cleaning and deodorizing.


Physical state: Tablet

Colour: White

Odour: floreal

pH (sol. 1%) 6,5


Product Description

TOP-CLOR is a hygienizer in tablet form which, thanks to its effervescent agents, dissolves rapidly in water, releasing active chlorine. TOP-CLOR is suitable for sanitizing, deterging and deodorizing hospital equipment, toilets, WC, piping, floors and washable surfaces, tanks and transport vehicles. It is indispensable as an additive in washing machines and dishwashers. TOP-CLOR has the advantage of being easy to use and store; pre-dosed, it avoids splashing and splash (compared to traditional bleach) and is easily soluble, thanks to the effervescent effect.


TOP-CLOR is suitable to wash, hygienize, deodorize, remove stains:
FLOORS AND WASHABLE SURFACES: 1-2 tablets in 10 lt. of water, use a mop or scrubber drier machine.
LAUNDRY: 1 tablet in 10 lt. of water, immerge the laundry to be bleached. DISHES: 1 tablet every 3-4 washes in the dishwasher together with the detergent for sanitizing and whitening.
STAINED COFFEE CUPS: 2 tablets in 10 lt. of water, leave cups to soak.
WASTE BINS: 1 tablet in 5 lt. of water, clean with a sponge soaked in the solution. WC: 1 tablet in the WC, leave to act for as long as possible, and flush.
HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT: 2-3 tablets in 5 lt. of water, wash using special equipment or leave to soak.
TANKS AND WATER CONTAINERS: 1 tablet every 150 lt. in the treatment of water eliminates foul odours and prevents formation of algae, micro-organisms and insect larvae (for non-potable water).
SANITARY FITTINGS: 2 tablets in 10l of water, wipe with a sponge soaked in the solution or using special equipment.
FRUIT AND VEGETABLES SANITIZER WASHING : 1 tablet in 20 lt. of water. Rinse carefully with water.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Top Clor CL 1 kg 6



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