Iris WC Gel

Iris WC Gel

Scented sanitizing gel maintainer.


Physical state: liquid – gel

Colour: light blue

Odor: citrusy

PH: 2,00 +/-0,40

Specific weight: 1.034 +/- 0.009 g/cm3


Product Description

IRIS WC GEL is a deodorant detergent with anti-limescale power that allows rapid and effective cleaning of toilets and urinals. It performs a sanitizing and deodorising action thanks to the active ingredients that complete its sanitizing action. The balanced viscosity allows a homogeneous distribution on the walls. The special angled bottle with safety dispensing cap ensures a comfortable and uniform application of the product on all the walls of the toilet bowl.


Apply the product in a uniform layer under the edges and on the walls of the toilet bowl and leave to act. Drain the toilet and use the toilet brush to disperse the solution of the product.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Iris WC Gel WG1 750 ml 12



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