Sprint Day 5-C

Sprint Day 5-C

Sanitizing degreasing detergent.


Physical state: liquid

Colour: orange

Odor: tecnic

PH: 9,30 +/- 0,50

Density: 0,935 +/- 0,025 Kg/L


Product Description

SPRINT DAY 5-C is a degreasing detergent with a sanitizing action thanks to the synergy between quaternary ammonium salts and polybiguanide hydrochloride. Sanitizing agents offer a wide spectrum of action suitable on various synthetic and natural hard surfaces. It is used in the agro-food industry, in catering, in hospitals and communities, as well as in office environments on desks, work surfaces. Good ability to remove light oils, greases, inks, fingerprints. Fast evaporation and drying thanks to the alcoholic component of the formulation. SUITABLE HACCP


Mix 120ml of concentrated product with 630ml of water to obtain 750ml of ready-to-use solution.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Sprint Day 5-C  LCSD  1000 ml 6
Sprint Day 5-C LCSD20  20 kg 1
Sprint Day 5-C  LCSD10  10 kg 1



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