Pre-treatment for terracotta and stones.


Physical state: liquid

Colour: white

Odor: odorless

PH: 6,50 ± 1,00

Specific weight: 990 g/L


Product Description

FADO can be used on all types of terracotta floors and on high and medium absorption building surfaces. The pre-treatment makes it easier to remove the grouting residues from the floors before washing with acid solutions. If the pre-treatment is not performed on high porosity terracotta, the acid solutions used for the washing operation are absorbed immediately, forcing the operator to use large quantities of products to obtain optimal cleaning. Furthermore, the floor getting wet in depth requires longer drying times, thus delaying the subsequent treatment. It is also possible that, due to excessive imbibition, unsightly dark spots (oxidation) are formed. Fado is quick and practical to lay, does not create overlapping problems and can also be applied on wet surfaces.


Shake before using. Apply FADO as it is on the surface with the fleece or with the spray method using a low pressure pump. After at least 8-12 hours after applying the pre-treatment, perform the acid wash. Yield: 1L for 8-10mq.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Fado  FA5  5 kg 4



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