Hygi Oxy

Hygi Oxy

Active oxygen sanitizing* hand cleanser with ocean scent without rinsing


Physical state: viscous liquid

Color: blue

Scent: ocean

PH: 6,5 +/- 0,5

Specific weight: 1 +/- 0,05 g/cm³


Product Description

HYGI OXY is a sanitizing detergent* pleasantly fragrant indicated for washing your hands where you don’t have the chance to rinse with water . Product without alcohol, uses hydrogen peroxide as an active substance in combination with an antimicrobial and expresses a deep sanitizing action in accordance with the circular no. 5443 of 22 February 2020 issued by the Ministry of Health where it is indicated as sanitizer 0,5 % hydrogen peroxide for a adequate contact time for disinfection. It contains special protective softening agents that
keep the epidermis soft. Dermatologically tested.

*Mechanical removal of germs and bacteria. It’s not a disinfectant.


Dispense with a small amount of HYGI OXY from the bottle or dispencer. Rub the product on the surface of your hands until completely dry.




Product Code Size Quantity
 Hygi Oxy  //  500 ml 4 pz
 Hygi Oxy  //  5000 ml 6 pz.



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