Spring Flower Hotel Arredi

Spring Flower Hotel Arredi

Multipurpose concentrated cleaner.


Physical state: liquid

Colour: blue

Odor: floreal

PH: 8,00 +/- 0,50

Density: 0,90 +/- 0,025 Kg/L


Product Description

It is a multipurpose rapid cleaner for daily maintenance of surfaces such as desks, school desks, glass, mirrors, doors and laminate and lacquered surfaces in general. Eliminates streaks and greasiness together with ballpoint, pencil, stamps, colors and markers. It can also be used on metal surfaces such as brass, cast iron, chrome plating, steel and aluminum. Pleasant floral fragrance. No need to rinse.


After appropriate dilution through the GYNIUS dilution system, spray the solution on the surfaces to be cleaned and dry with a cloth or paper.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Spring Flower Hotel Arredi MEXH23100 100 ml 60


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