Sprint Day

Sprint Day

Sanitizing anLcohol-based degreaser for HACCP.


Physical state: Liquid

Colour: Orange

Odour: Bouquet

pH as is 9,6 +/-0,5

S.W. 0,977 kg/lt


Product Description

SPRINT DAY is a degreaser with sanitizing action thanks to the synergy between quaternary ammonium salts and polyaminopropylbiguanide. Its sanitizing agents ensure a wide spectre of action suitable on various types of synthetics and naturals hard surfaces. SPRINT DAY is widely used in food-processing facilities, catering, hospitals and rest homes, as well as in offices on desks and all working surfaces. Easily removes light oils, grease, ink and fingerprints. Quick-drying thanks to its alcoholic components. Pleasant scent


Spray SPRINT DAY directly on the surface to be cleaned from a distance of 15-20 cm, remove the dirt with a clean dry cloth or paper. Rinse with water.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Sprint Day  SP1  750 ml 12


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