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At the great international exhibition dedicated to professional cleaning, the Modenese company offered an all-round image of ecology with many innovative productions that attracted visitors, many of whom came from abroad.

“I would say”, says CEO Luca Cocconi, “that this edition has consecrated us as one of the very few companies able to bring not one, but at least four substantial novelties to the Fair.

Positive outcome of Arco Chimica’s participation in the International Fair Pulire 2019, held at VeronaFiere from 21 to 23 May. The Modenese company once again attracted the attention of numerous visitors from Italy and abroad with many interesting new products for the professional detergent market, all characterized by a winning mix in which technological innovation has happily married environmental sustainability. Under the banner of green, the vertical stand in Hall 2 of the Scaligero exhibition centre, with the leitmotif of a forest surrounded by greenery and nature, bears witness to the increasingly ecological footprint of the mission and production of the Medolla industry. The feedback from visitors at “casa Arco” with a massive presence on all three days of the exhibition certainly rewarded the effort aimed at research and innovation that the company is pursuing with great conviction, increasingly projected towards international markets. CEO Luca Cocconi was very satisfied with the three intense exhibition days. “Honestly, on the eve of the event I was a bit pessimistic because I didn’t feel the fervor of the previous edition in the air, but from the first day I had to think back, and it was a continuous crescendo.  The visits, the professionalism of those who came to visit us and the type of potential customers were very comforting. An extremely positive fact was the influx from abroad, which has favourably surprised us. In short, I leave this edition with a truly optimistic spirit, convinced more than ever of the validity of our proposals”.


In this edition Arco Chimica offered an all-round ecological image: “We have brought to Pulire”, continues Cocconi, “the green productions created in recent months: starting with the Ecolabel line, functional to the new European legislation, both in traditional and single-dose formats, then the new productions with bottles and packaging made with 100% recycled industrial material, i.e. obtained from production waste. We also proposed the entire vegetable line, following a path already started last year at the Interclean Fair in Amsterdam. On that occasion, in fact, we undertook to study a whole range of innovative products with a sort of zero label, meeting the pressing demands of the market, especially of cleaning companies, thus safeguarding the operator’s relationship with a product that is less and less aggressive and has less impact on the environment”.



The great novelty offered to visitors: Aladin Gt1, the automatic detergent dispenser with controlled dispensing

The great novelty, perhaps the most noticed and appreciated among the many proposals previewed at the great Scala professional cleaning showcase, was Aladin Gt1, the automatic detergent dispenser with controlled dispensing that best interprets the innovative vocation of Arco. “With this intelligent and multifunctional machine,” explains Cocconi, “we have closed the cycle of the successful Aladin series. This dispenser has been specially designed to be positioned inside small and medium construction sites, but with some modifications it can also be positioned in larger construction sites. We are aware that we have created a product that is highly appreciated by the professional detergent market, not only for the precision in dilutions and for the estimate – as it allows the preventive calculation of the monthly detergent fee and the allocation of the monthly quantity of product per operator – but also for the innovative areas connected to the software.  Aladin’s web platform, which already allowed remote control of the consumption of the products dispensed, has in fact been enriched thanks to two new innovative areas: the first, documental, allows you to keep inside the data sheets with all the symbols of the product dispensed, as is; the second connects the technical safety data sheets with those relating to the use of detergents, thus avoiding any risk of danger related to the use of products in the various cleaning operations.  Finally, the technology contained in Aladin Gt1 offers the opportunity to access videos that are truly precious in the daily management of the site, providing useful and detailed instructions for the many cleaning operations 365 days a year”.

Once again Arco Chimica has left an important mark on Pulire

Ultimately, therefore, Arco Chimica has not disappointed expectations: “I would say”, says Cocconi, “that this edition has consecrated us as one of the very few companies able to bring not one but at least four substantial new products to the Fair. I consider all this very important, not only for the Italian market, but especially for the international one. The interest shown by foreign visitors has a truly remarkable value for us, given that we are increasingly projected towards exports. We would like the virtual forest, with which we have dressed our stand, to remain intact even with the autumn colours, so that it can travel all over Europe, in line with the development objectives we have set ourselves for the coming years”.



Verona-Medolla (MO) 7/06/2019



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