Highly concentrated buffered acid detergent


Physical state: liquid

Colour: red

Odour: technical

pH: 0,50 +/- 0,50

Specific weight: 1.15 +/- 0.012 g/cm3


Product Description

ACOT grant a complete and safe removal of mineral salts from cotto tiles pores. Washing with ACOT is essential to remove the white efflorescence from new floors. ACOT can be used to remove encrustation from gres, clinker and smooth stone floors.


Before being treated with a primer, a sealant or wax, cotto tiles floors must undergo an heavy wash treatment with an acid product. Perform this treatment only when floor is completely dry, this means about 20-40 days after the laying. On favourable climatic conditions, floor’s drying time shall be shorter.
1) Washing with ACOT: wash the floor with a 10-30% (1000-3000g in 10L water) solution. After this operation, rinse using a solution of MISTRAL at 1 to 3% of (100-300g in 10l of water) to neutralize any acid residue remained on cotto tiles.
2) If the “acid wash” has been carried out properly, there must not be any mineral salt “flowering” on the floor’s surface. If that happens, repeat the washing treatment.
3) After the “acid wash”, dry the floor thoroughly. In dry climate or if the heating system is on, the floor will dry out completely in three days.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Acot AC94 P10 10 kg 1



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