BLACK self-polishing polyacrylic emulsion.


Physical state: liquid

Colour: grey

Odor: odorless

PH: 7


Product Description

CERGLASS is a ready-to-use professional cleaner and polisher for smooth surfaces. Cleans and degreases in a few passes. It leaves no traces of grease on the surface. It does not contain toxic additives for humans. It does not contain substances harmful to the environment. It is not volatile or flammable. It leaves the hydrophilic surface, i.e. it does not allow the formation of drops, preparing it for treatment with self-cleaning photo-catalytic products. It allows to obtain exceptional results in the cleaning and polishing of glass, ceramic, sanitary and hard surfaces; reaches maximum performance against glass and crystals with limestone deposits. Applied with the specific sponge with polyester support, it eliminates any type of dirt without abrading or damaging the supports. To be used for thorough cleaning and surface regeneration. It is indicated for the periodic cleaning of photovoltaic and thermal panels, favoring a lower frequency of ordinary cleaning operations.


Suitable for smooth surfaces with high surface hardness: glass, ceramics, sanitary ware. Shake vigorously and pour an adequate amount of product onto the sponge. Apply the product on the surface with horizontal / vertical movements and light pressure, manually or with an electric pad in case of large surfaces. Continue until the product spreads evenly and without shrinkage. Remove any residue by rinsing well with water with the help of a glass wiper. Dry with a clean cloth, preferably in microfiber. Periodic use keeps the surfaces shiny. Do not use on materials with low surface hardness (plastics, polycarbonates, plexiglass etc.).

Product Code Size Quantity
 Cerglass  CE1  1000 ml 20



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