Anti-written anti-stain.


Physical state: liquid

Colour: light blue

Odor: floreal

PH: c.a. 9

Specific weight: 1003 g/L.


Product Description

STOP-RITE is a solvent-based liquid product specifically formulated for the protection and protection of monuments and architectural heritage and all surfaces in marble, granite, travertine, bricks, and cement. By protecting the surfaces, it stops the deleterious action of smog, soot and other polluting agents. Facilitates the removal of graffiti by offering a long anti-adhesive protection without the need to reapply the product every time. It is effective on any type of surface without altering its appearance, is permeable to steam and does not yellow, drastically reduces any type of contamination, does not create any surface film and makes the surfaces hydro-oil-repellent and stain-resistant. It is also suitable on marble and granite floors to give stain protection.


Before carrying out the protection, clean the surfaces with MURALES and let it dry. The application of the product can be done by brush, fleece, spray or with a cotton cloth. Apply two coats at intervals of approximately 30-60 minutes. On particularly porous or rustic surfaces a third coat may be necessary. The protection that forms allows you to eliminate all future graffiti with a simple washing performed with SOLMIX.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Stop-Rite  SR5  5 kg 4



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