Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Marseille fragrance degreasing detergent.


Physical state: liquid

Colour: white

Odor: marseilles

PH: 11,30 +/- 0,50

Density: 1,020 +/- 0,025 Kg/l


Product Description

SANTA FE Marseille fragrance is a special degreasing detergent ideal for multiple uses. It can be used in the kitchen for worktops, ovens, hoods, grills, pots, slicers, but it is also suitable for mechanical parts, frames and rims of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Also effective for cleaning floors with stubborn dirt.


For stubborn dirt: pour as it is on the surface to be cleaned, leave to act for a few minutes, rinse. To clean ovens and grills, spray, leave to act hot and rinse. For normal dirt: dilute from 5 to 10%, spray the product, leave to act and rinse.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Santa Fe FE750 750 ml 12


This post is also available in: Italian

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