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Milan and Florence, two events for the launch of SOS CAM 2.0

The new version of the SOS CAM software is ready, the only software to draw up technical projects for civil, hospital and rolling stock cleaning, consistent with the Minimum Environmental Criteria of the tenders.

Two events, in Milan and Florence, will be an opportunity for cleaning companies and designers to discover and test the new potential of SOS CAM for free, as well as to have important updates on the future CAM of the cleaning service and on the application of the “Unlock yards” decree.

Point 3, creator of the SOS CAM project and actively involved in the management of sustainable projects, and the supporters Arco Chimica, Cartiere Carrara, ISC, Miele, Vileda Professional, all companies strongly committed to the promotion of sustainable cleaning, are waiting for you.


With the new Procurement Code, the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) for the awarding of cleaning services and the supply of hygiene products are mandatory: greater complexity in the drafting of technical offers, an opportunity for development to improve services while respecting the environment.


MILANO, the 5th november 2019
9,30 – 16,00
c/o Ramada Plaza
Via Stamira d’Ancona, 27

FIRENZE, it 20 november 2019
9,30 – 16,00
c/o Grand Hotel Adriatico
Via Maso Finiguerra, 9


The events are free. The cleaning companies and designers who will participate will receive a quarterly license of SOS CAM to carry out simulations and technical projects, in compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria of professional cleaning.


Why did Arco decide to join the project?

“Arco pursues a deep-rooted objective of environmental sustainability, recognising that it has a central role within chemical producers. For this reason we have chosen to participate in the development of the SOS CAM project. It is a pro-active software in offering a greener product, responding to ecological needs, in which the entire production cycle, from raw material acquisition to waste disposal, is oriented to improve environmental performance. It is a “green system”, which responds to the needs of cleaning companies, and not only, in managing their activities in rolling stock, civil and hospital environments”.






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