Gesan Disinfectant Biocide with Medical Surgical Presidium

Gesan Disinfectant Biocide with Medical Surgical Presidium

Sanitizer for floors and washable surfaces.


Physical state: Liquid

Colour: Light blue

Scent: Mint/pine

pH as is 8.2 +/-0,5

S.W.: 0.998 +/- 0.01 g/cm³


Product Description

GESAN is particularly suitable for sanitizing and cleaning all washable surfaces. It is effective against a number of pathogenic micro organisms as its the active ingredient are quaternary ammonium salts, characterized by high bactericidal activity. It is recommended for preventing the formation of algae in swimming pools and greenhouses. FACILITIES SANITIZATION: hospitals, hotels, houses, restaurants, public and religious places etc. Suitable for: bathrooms and toilets, equipment, furniture, laundry, swimming pools, etc. FOOD INDUSTRY: preserves, confectionery, dairy, meat processing, wine making, etc. ZOOTECHNOLOGY: disinfection of areas and equipment destined for all types of breeding farms. TRANSPORT VEHICLES: railway carriages and cars, refrigerator trailers, coaches, etc.


Apply the solution using a mop/cloth/sprayer. Wring the mop or cloth and mop up the excess solution. For kitchen work tops, apply the product on the surface or using a cloth-sponge, and rinse thoroughly. Suitable for use also with scrubber-driers.

Product Code Size Quantity
 Gesan Biocida PMC  GBCD1  1000 ml 12
Gesan Biocida PMC GBCD5  5 kg 4


1%-5% Routine sanitization: 1%. Increase concentration whenever a stronger action is required.

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